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Kitchen Design

Would you prefer to separate your kitchen design from the sales process?

If so please read on!

We have many years experience of the kitchen industry, in sales, design, project management and installation, so why not use our expertise to design your new kitchen and even find you the right product at the right price.

It’s probably fair to say that you know the difference between flat-pack, rigid, and bespoke kitchens, but do you actually know which is more suited to your needs?

How do you choose from the dozens of kitchens on the market and the many and varied showrooms that sell them? Do you have the time to visit them all, and will that stop you getting the right deal for you?

You can email us a copy of your room dimensions together with a list of your requirements, or we can offer you a free home consultation within 25 miles of the showroom, all followed by a written fee quotation.

Subject to acceptance of our fee quotation, we can offer any of the following design services or even some that may not be listed.

  • Budget estimate

  • Product recommendation and scheduling

  • Measured room survey

  • Generic kitchen plan

  • Technical overview

  • Recommendation of 'associated work'

  • Lighting scheme

  • Consultant liaison

  • Building Regulation application

  • Competitive tendering

  • Quotation review and report

  • Purchasing Advice

Please remember!

Many kitchen business do not charge for their design and quotation because they believe they will get the sale. This appears to be good for the customer, but to protect their design and prevent you from taking it elsewhere they will probably not release all the information. Instead they may invite you to a presentation in their showroom, or submit an abridged quotation, only releasing the full quotation after you have paid a design fee or paid a deposit for a new kitchen.

This is good practice by the showroom and one we adopt when designing and selling Schroder kitchens, but it can be frustrating for you if you are just trying to assess the market place! 

Unless you are happy to purchase their kitchen, or lucky enough to find a showroom that is willing to give away all it's work, then the only way you can really get an independent design service, that is not aligned with a particular product is to pay for it. You then have a design you can take to a number of showrooms to show them what you are looking for.

Contact Motivo Casa

If you are about to start your search for a new kitchen but are not ready to chose which company and which product, then please contact us first, and let us discuss how we may help you.


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